How to Help a Baby Bird

  • Place tissue nest in a small box with air holes
  • Keep the bird warm, half-on and half-off, a heating pad or hot pack.
  • Keep the bird away from people or pets.
  • NEVER FEED BREAD OR MILK.  Birds are unable to digest them.
  • NEVER GIVE WATER BY EYEDROPPER.  That  may cause pneumonia.  Use a small paintbrush, as from a child's watercolor set.  Wet it and touch it to the beak.


Temporary Diet
 (2 days maximum) 
1 cup canned moist dog or cat food (chicken or beef); blend well with:
1 hard-cooked egg yolk


Emergency Feeding
Young birds need to be fed every 20 minutes.
Feed tiny pieces of the above diet from the child's paintbrush.
Wait for the bird to swallow
Follow by brushing beak with water.